Sunday, May 15, 2011

thank god I'm a country boy

There are some days when I thank the lord for being Southern. It could be something small like hearing a familiar accent or seeing something on a menu that reminds of home, home cookin', or my childhood. While I appreciate my yankee friends growing up with lobster, chow-dah, and other delicacies, I almost cry for them being deprived of sweet tea, fried chicken, and okra but most importantly: cheese and tomatoes sandwiches. There is seriously nothing better in the summer than a perfectly fresh, juicy, ripe tomato. I could eat nothing else all summer long. But when you add it with some mayo and cheese (I prefer cheddar), on some white bread....well, it's just "smack your mumma" amazing.

My grandmother, who is creeping up on her 94th birthday is amazing for many reasons but I will highlight three of them. ONE: She has lived thru most everything - wars, depressions - and she is sharp as a tack. She can tell you basically anything that's happened in those 94 years, except for how I got the scar on my finger (it still remains a mystery, though I swear it had to do with chocolate pudding and a glass bowl). TWO: Ever since I can remember, she has had a bourbon and water every day and because of this she can drink your ass under the table. She makes my 26 year old brother, who's profession is to drink, look like a 12 year old girl. THREE: She loves nothing more than good, southern food. I called her the other night after seeing she had left me a voicemail, dinner on the table - a tomato and cheese sandwich just waiting to be eaten - the first of the season. When I asked her what she was eating for dinner, she replied that she too was eating a tomato and cheese sandwich. When I laughed and told her I was eating the same thing, she didn't seem to think that the 100+ mile synchronization was amazing, but the fact that this was the first sandwich of the season. She seemed to sneer and be disappointed at me over the the same time...that I hadn't been on the same time table as the tomatoes. Though she agreed with me 100% that there was nothing better than THE sandwich.
So, for my yankee friends, run out immediately and purchase white bread, mayo, tomatoes and Kraft singles. Cut tomatoes rather thick (so they don't slip) and stack on bread. Add cheese and mayo - cover liberally with salt and pepper and enjoy. You can thank me once you have tasted and realize you have found a new favorite.

And also for my yankee friends, remember that a plantation isn't nothing but a farm but it just rolls off the tongue a little sweeter.


Bunny the Belle


maria said...

must...try...this...SOON. YUMMY!!!

ricvamatt said...

i bought a tomato at the farmer's market the other day. SO not ready. check back in a couple weeks.