Thursday, May 26, 2011

today is my friday

Sorry kiddies for the absence yesterday.  This j-o-b of mine is requiring some serious commitment and dedication.  Neither of which I have enough to give and its pretty rough for a commitment-phobe like me.

I thought today we could do a random post...or everything that's in my head that's random.

*The movie Goonies was on last night.  I caught about 5 minutes before turning it, but it made me smile thinking about how movies from your childhood can make memories appear.  The same thing happens when I walk through Barnes and Noble children's section.  One glimpse of a Richard Scarry book and its like I'm 4 again.  I love me some Lowly Worm.

don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about...
*Did any of you watch Happy Endings like I told you to?  The season finale was last night (already?!) and was another classic.  Catch up this summer please so I can have some discussion here.

*The Cougar Town finale was also on.  This show continues to make me dead.  And their term for drinking wine.."pound grape"...well it makes me dead.  And anyone that wants to go get a drink should say "bunny - lets go pound grape".

*Also from Cougar Town last night, Grayson (who is brutally hot) said a quote from a movie that has become underrated over the past 10 years.  He clapped his hands and said in a perfect Clump voice "Hercules! Hercules!"  Let's PLEASE bring that back.

*Don't think I forgot it was Thursday...therefore it's Lagerfeld Thursday!!
"Apparently, I am very scary. But if you get to know me, you see I am very nice. Happily, I don’t look like I am." — Karl Lagerfeld

*Should we check-in in Paris? I was correct that Nadal would win against Isner, but the match didn't go down like I thought.  Johnny Isner went down with a fight, winning two sets, and making Rafa play a five set match which he hasn't done in years.  Right now, as we speak, Rafa's playing Pablo Andujar and he's up one set. Novak Djokovic won his match yesterday after his opponent retired in the middle of the third set. Sometimes you just don't feel it (like me at the gym yesterday).  I kind of wish life was that way...after working for a couple hours you say "screw you guys I'm going home" and you come back ready for the next day.

*I am obsessed with my nail polish, Mad About Mango.  I would say its new, but I've been wearing it for about a month and I get so many compliments on it.  The other cool thing is it smells!  Like grapes. So good.

Tired and overworked and in need of a new show,

PS - I hope you all have something exciting and fun planned for this weekend.  "What are you doing Bunny?" you may ask...well I gotta go to the RIC for the baby sister's college graduation.  Yes, Stinkerbelle is all grown up.  Maybe now she will stop being a 'gitchy-grabby'. Just kidding...that will never stop.  So yes, I'm in the RIC all weekend long (boo) meaning the posts will be sporadic at best.  But don't give up on me! I'll be back hard on Tuesday.

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