Monday, May 23, 2011

in case you missed it

Goodness y'all. Sunday night seriously is the new tv night.  We had the Billboard Music Awards, Game of Thrones and The Killing.  Let's start the recap in case you missed it...

Number one:  how is Beyonce not even 30 years old?  I don't think so.
Number two: Why was on Barbara Streisand on the Beyonce video?  No way in hell she even knows who B is.
Number three: Wow. Neil Diamond is OLD.
Number four: CeeLo's act was pretty amazing.  I thought about that piano all night.  How did they do that??
I was going to do a recap of celebrity outfits, but I thought every one looked pretty good last night.  Even Ke$ha dressed up-ish. Nothing too crazy.  Sad.
Game of Thrones
There is a reason I didn't recap last week's episode.  It was severely gory and the only time I should see a severed horse head is when I'm watching The Godfather.  It was also totally disturbing.  I never again want to see a grown kid on a woman's breast. And putting the "recap" of that scene in the first couple of minutes - unnecessary. But this episode was great...and I'm so glad that blonde boy is gone.  I hated him. But the way he died...brutal. I kind of laughed when his head hit the ground and the sound it made.

Did you know that if you have HBO, you can sign up for HBO Go on your iphone or ipad?  Every episode of any HBO series is on there.  Also, they put next week's Thrones on there if you can't wait a week.

The Killing
I don't even know what to say about this episode. About 45 minutes into it, I was declaring that this was one hell of a disappointing show.  And then...well holy shitballs y'all. Holy. Shitballs.  I did not see that coming. I blame girl cop for this.  She should haven't have been so vague with Mitch. I understand that she has crime to solve and you don't want to give too much to the parents, but Mitch jumped on the teacher bandwagon and girl cop did nothing to calm her down. Of course she is going to be angry that Stan had the teacher and then let him go.  She thinks he killed her only daughter.
Some thoughts:
*I hate Richmond (the mayor, not the city).  I think he is totally stupid and I'm surprised he has made it this far in politics.  And what's the big deal with his dead wife?  I'm sorry she was killed by a drunk driver, but why is she special?  I think we missed a conversation or something about this.  And once again I will say that I think it is ludicrous, LUDICROUS, that he has like 60 people working in his campaign office.Not to mention that he has vehicles to give out to staff.   And wtf with the $5 million dollars. It's a mayoral race. Am I on glue? Did I miss something? Having worked on a campaign for a job higher than mayor, I'm astounded at how stupid the whole campaign story line is.
*Was I the only one who thought that Mitch might have killed the boys in the scene where Stan comes home and hears her crying?  I thought for sure they were in the bath tub.
*Brief appearance by the sister this week...but looks like she's back next week.  However, will I be back?  Jury is still out.
*WTF will the "Bilko" character?  Why was he in the background punching the rock? I get that he was all hopped up, but a rock?  That shit was bound to hurt.
*Boy cop was hot when he was in charge.  And I thought he was super funny this episode.  But honestly, please change your clothes.  All I can think about is how much you must stink after 9 days...same for you girl cop. Find a new sweater.


ps...of the 2600 songs on my ipod, please tell me why Miley Cyrus' "7 things" played THREE times this weekend.  I guess the bigger question is why that song is even on my ipod, but none-the-less...for your monday viewing pleasure:

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I think I'm going to need to pass on Game because just reading this made me gag.