Friday, May 20, 2011

stop. fashion time.

I'm all over the map today in wardrobe. This is what happens when you read InStyle right before bed. I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in the mag worn by Paris Hilton.  While I didn't think it did much for her, I really liked it.  Then I realized it was the same dress Michelle Obama wore back in early spring when she jetted off to somewhere great and I also realized that  I really want a private plane...
It's the shorty version, but totes adorbs.
If I was bohemian, I would wear these Tory Burch as they fit into my French themed life:

Bags I need...the following McQueen's:

conservative day time...

bitchin' night time

And I seriously need this cute little Lanvin just for walking the streets...

See...I told you I was all over the map today.  Anything cute I'm missing in my life?


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maria said...

I need that dress. Seriously.