Friday, May 20, 2011

je voudrais être à paris...le sigh

Translated:  I wish I was in Paris. Like right now. Like right this second.  The weather forecast is 70 degrees, bright and sunny.  And Paris in the spring?  Well there is nothing like it.  The vegetation is perfectly green; the flowers in bloom. It's truly beautiful.

I'm craving a patisserie, an actual french crocque monsieur and a chocolate chaud viennois from Angelina's. Maybe a trip down Saint Honore...through Hermes. Perhaps Chanel. I'm feeling very "stroll down a Parisian street" right now. They just opened a "Paul" on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is a great little french bakery.  Check them

Another great reason to be in Paris right now?  Roland Garros. Yes, mes amis Rafa is back after winning the Italian Open.  And for the first round, he's matched with John Isner from Greensboro, NC - holler! Should be a good match though Rafa will destroy him.
there is nothing better than a dirty Rafa
dreaming of LaDuree macaroons,
Le Bunny

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