Monday, May 2, 2011

I took my love and I took it down...

I never have understood why the gays always flock to Cher. If you want someone who has been thru it all, bitches look no further than one Miss Stevie Nicks. She slept with every member of her band, did more drugs than a CVS, was skinny, was fat, her life played out before every one's eyes and yet she has risen thru it.
I totally want to start having parrots in all of my photos. And 80s hair.
I always thought Lindsey Buckingham was so cute. Until I saw this picture. WOOF. Did you know they were high school sweethearts? Totes adorable. Starting their first band - so drug free.
Oh honey...Patty Hurst couldn't even pull off a beret and she had money and a gun.

Now I love me some Stevie and Fleetwood Mac, but I always wish she wore some color. Perhaps a nice pastel. But no. Bitch is always in black. And I respect is slimming.
So my girl Stevie has a new album dropping tomorrow, In Your Dreams, which is the reason for this post. After all this time - her ups, her downs - she's still standing. She still has her own voice. And that is a testament to good music and talent. It's also a testament to life. Yes, you can do pounds of drugs, sleep with a plethora of people, and still end up alone. But she seems happy. And there isn't a wrinkle on the bitch's 62 year old face. So the lesson Stevie leaves us with: friends, family, good music and a killer plastic surgeon are the secrets to a good life.



ps- if I could figure out how to upload a video, you would see Stevie singing Dave Matthew's Crash. It will blow your mind.

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