Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today i'm obsessed with...

ohhh la la!
the new bamboo stud-embelished Gucci bag. Are you dead because this just murdered me.  And at $4200 it will also kill my visa.  Has anyone found me a benefactor yet?

needing that bag asap,
XOXO Bunny


Anonymous said...

What is a Visa?! Two Words: American Express.

Marie said...

OK darling I totally support you ... but so drab and well.... hippie-esque. Must you!!
I have one word, three syllabls : Cro-CO-Dile. I will work on benefactor/sugar daddy regardless of your poor choices, because I love you. xo m

Marie said...

I mean what would Karl L say!! He wouldn't like this at all. Gucci is so... well I can't bring myself to say it.... ped-est-rian!