Friday, May 13, 2011

please be kind and rewind

Goodness y'all. Blogger has been down for about 24 hours and I was starting to get a little irritated, because I thought of about a million things I wanted to tell you. But now, now that its back up, I don't remember a thing. My early Alzheimer's is just awful.

Speaking of awful...let's talk about the week. It was a nasty one for me. Thinking of quitting my job on Monday, crying at my desk on Wednesday, almost killing myself in the car while trying to talk on the phone and email at the same time....well it can only mean one thing - we had CEOs in town. But it's all good because the stress of the week litterally made me lose 3 lbs - glory be to god.

Let's do a quick weekly rewind:

*Is anyone watching one of my new favorite shows, Happy Endings? It airs after Cougar Town on ABC and I have to tell you that I think its one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It's a Friends-esque show with 6 young people out on the town in Chicago. There is the married couple: uptight, pretty white girl Jane and her husband the funny as hell black guy, Brad, who also happens to be Damon Wayan's son. Then there is the couple that was going to be married but the bride left him at the alter - Alex and Dave. Elisa Culthbert is pretty funny as the runaway bride and I love the dynamic between her and her jilted ex. And we round it off with Penny and the gay guy...who are my favorite characters. Penny is sometimes too much and too loud, but its her friend Max, the gay, that really brings home this show. ABC has all of the episodes on line and I tell ya, you need to watch. The episode where Penny lures a guy by telling him she's Jewish...well, its mashugana.

*After Modern Family this week, I am wanting a french bulldog even more than I was before. Actually, I want two of them - one named Jacques and one named Francois.*Baby Boy was in town, and like the Lord Jesus Christ, he has been reborn back into my life. He even wrote me a love note. Swoooooon. How long did my self imposed exile last? Like 2 days? I'm so pathetic and amazing at the same time.

*Cannes Film Festival has started. Woody Allen is selling his new movie, Midnight in Paris, hard core. While I'm not a Woody fan, I am definitely a Paris fan and I think it looks cute. Check out the trailer: Also being viewed are Kung Fu Panda 2 (seriously? We needed 2 of these movies?), Puss in Boots (jesus.), and Mel Gibson's new movie The Beaver, which doesn't actually look horrible. Don't get me wrong - it looks bad, just not horrible.

Looking forward to a weekend of nothing - DVR has been cleaned out, TCM is not running one single movie I want to watch, and my 'stories' don't come on until Sunday. What am I going to do?

Dreaming of Baby Boy,



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maria said...

I'm glad I now know that baby boy is not an egg.