Sunday, May 15, 2011

the only killing going on here is this show on my nerves

Um...okay...well...sure I guess. If that's where you want to take the show AMC - down the drain - then yeah, let's continue on that course. Dear readers and devoted watchers of The Killing, I am here to say that the only thing on this miserable show that's been killed is the writing and the viewership. How in the world does it create such hype in its first weeks and a true fan base when coming down the tracks is a giant pile of shit if you will. I just don't get it.

We reminded in a very odd opening scene depicting a child's room, that we are exactly where we left off last week. Girl cop and Boy cop are laying on the floor waiting for the FBI to clear them. The stuff in the room is white, pink and girly. Much like a 12 year old would have. How old is Rosie supposed to be again? IDK and it doesn't matter. Now they think she is involved in terrorism. WTF. Girl cop completely shuts out boy cop because she is sure as shit that he is a bad cop, doing illegal stuff and after getting her ass handed to her by her boss, she decides that she just has to follow him. And guess what she finds ya'll. She finds boy cop at AA. Or in his case NA. Now, what episode are we in? 8? Didn't I have that plot line wrapped up back in the 3rd episode? The money in the mailbox was for his family I swap out wife for sister. And now girl cop has a new appreciation for him. Great girl cop...glad you could finally jump on board. She still cant get in touch with her fiancee, and its probably because he's out murdering small girls, but she does get in touch with his assistant - Emmie - which was a new little twist. Who the hell is Emmie? And girl cop's lack of wardrobe, makeup, and her ratty hair are making me dislike her with every passing minute.

Oh and girl cop...even though your son plays video games, I doubt he is old enough to look at graphic crime scene photos...that you just happened to look at while he was sitting behind you. And I told her that during the scene. Not my problem if she didn't hear me. But him releasing them to his friends was not cool, but one of those little bitches gave it to the press. And I think that's the most offensive crime here. You never talk to the press. Unless they are asking for autographs.

The dude running for Mayor turned dirty - SHOCKER. He and his 2 campaign aides are creeeepy and I hate that whole story line. AND, don't you think you could have shown a better character at the drunk driving hearing? The woman looked like she was sweet lil Betty Crocker. I can only imagine her back story...she apparently killed your wife after she guzzling down martinis at the Rusty Anchor looking for a sailor to take home to her uh...port. Too much?

Good for Stan for taking down Rosie's room. They have 2 other children that are going unnoticed and Stan finally took a stand. YOU GO GLEN COCO. Mom is still off the rails but we were once again reminded that we are only a week out from the murder. And when Mitch blames Stan for letting her stay that weekend...and then he blames Mitch for being to strict? Ut-oh...the blame game is going to start and it never has a happy ending.

Also - the sister, Terry, was back in this episode and was I the only one getting a strange, sexual vibe between her and Stan? Obviously it turned to fear and anger after she told him that Mitch had almost asphyxiated their remaining children. We need more info on her STAT. And where the hell is Jasper's father. I want more of him too and not just because he is handsome.

As the last minutes start wrapping up the show, we enter the Ahmad house to find Bennett speaking Somalis into his phone while his scared, pregger wife stands in the hall. Passports are coming tomorrow he the cops don't know anything. Oh Bennett. They do. Because my boy hot cop is listening in as we speak. One thing that did stand out was the end scene - there is a cop car driving one way but we are obviously in the other car. So either where are we going or who was in the other car? Does anyone agree with that?

Sleepy, confused and praying for a good dream involving Josh Charles,

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maria said...

girl cop will have a breakdown soon. my $$ is still on crazy sister. and hot boy cop will be the one to solve the mystery because although he has "issues", he's not crazy.