Friday, May 20, 2011

well you asked

I'm answering reader questions...just what you always wanted...more of my opinions.

Dear Bunny:
As soon as the weather turned nice, I've seen a plethora of badly dressed people.  Enquiring mind want to know...what is the rule for white pants. Can I wear them before Memorial Day?  What about seersucker?
-Yankee gal

Dear Yankee gal:  Thank you for asking this question!! As a southerner and very opinionated girl, I am truly old school when it comes to white question.  The rules are simple: it is completely appropriate to wear white on Easter.  And its completely appropriate to wear seersucker.  In fact, I love a cute white cotton dress or a traditional blue seersucker suit in honor of the baby jesus.  But I'll only give you one day. After you are done searching for the eggs and eating your potato salad, the white and the sucker need to be put away. I don't want to see them again until Memorial Day weekend. But beware because they have a severe expiration date.  You get 3 months..thats it. Sorry I'm not sorry.  Come Labor Day I better not see a drop of linen, sucker, or white pant or I will openly mock you.  I also include in this list of no-nos, Jack Rogers and Rainbows. However, I have been guilty of wearing Jacks already this year.  I know I should be ashamed, but they really went with the outfit. Which reminds me...I need new white jeans asap as the season is about to start!

next time: what do you say to a business associate that is more boring than a slice of white bread?

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Anonymous said...

Though I channel you every time my hand reaches to linen or white before memorial day and after labor day (even when weather may require the shade and fabric, or both combined), and task "WWBBD" (what would Bunny Belle do?)is it really necessary to have a fictitius Yankee ask the question? I mean there are some of us from the North that have sense (perhaps not all sense but fashion sense).
The war is over my belle don't blame all of us... and remember without NYC, Americans would look like those polygamists from Texas, braided hair and all!!! (Regrets if I crossed a line -- seem to be doin' a lotta o' that today!)
/s/ TGD de Boston