Friday, August 12, 2011

one week from today

We need to get serious here for a minute. On Wednesday, my most beloved athlete and pretend BFF, Rafael Nadal, lost in the first round to someone ranked #41. This is devastating on many levels. One being the fact that he thought he played well during the match.  Homeboy, I love you. Truly, I do. But losing the first set 1-6 is not playing well. Where the hell is Uncle Tony? Where is Carlos? How are they letting this go down? But I am really concerned about one thing.


Thanks to the giant stalking machine known as the twitter, I know that he is in Ohio practicing for the Western and Southern Classic, which Lady Lala and I will be attending. BUT...we will not be there until Friday.  The tourney starts on Monday. Which means that he needs to play well enough to get to Friday so that I can see him play. My fabulous boss and her equally fabulous husband are headed out Wednesday for the games (and get to do a coin toss!!) and they are under strict instructions to think happy put positive vibes out in the make sure, above all, that he does not lose.

And in an act of selfishness, I need to ask you to also to think happy thoughts. Pray if you have to. Pray to the lord baby jesus himself. Pray that he is still in the game when we arrive. Because if he isn't...well...let's not even think about that....because it wouldn't be pretty.


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