Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fifty nifty united states

When the "New Girl" moved in, we were all concerned about how she was going to fit in to the group.  When she ordered a 1950's huge cork board, we all were a little concerned, did a gasp and bit our knuckle.  When the wall sized map of the United States showed up....well...we knew she was crazy and did what one does with a large oversized map and started defacing it.  It all started out with a bright orange post it saying "baby boy" located in Milwaukee. Over the past couple weeks, the ridiculousness of it has grown exponentially. Today I walked in to find a new "bunny" sticker located below the map...somewhere in Mexico aka "hell".

Trust me when I say that when I'm at work, I'm already in hell. But thanks for the vote of encouragement.

Speaking of hell....My never ending campaign to attend my work annual meeting in Orlando is not going so well.  I want to go for a couple of reasons. Number one is the BB. Yes, we broke up but I obviously want him to see me walking around a strange hotel all tan and gorgeous. Two, I want to visit Harry Potter World. And I want a picture of me with a gryffindor scarf, drinking a butter beer, feeling up Draco Malfoy.  Is that too much for a girl to ask for?  The other thing I would do, is drink margaritas with this guy and find out how its acceptable for him to walk around with no pants. I bet you he gets trashed on tequila.
Could you imagine the amazing stories you could tell that start with..."So when in Orlando, I got drunk and hooked up with the mexican donald."? Do you think BB would be jealous at all? Yeah, me neither.



Fauxnna Wintour said...

Gryffindors are not allowed to fraternize with Slytherins. . .therefore you CANNOT feel up Draco Malfoy. . .Neville Longbottom (or more accurately, Matthew Lewis who plays Neville) is however acceptable and he is quite cute!

New Girl said...

You know you love the 1950's cork board! Bunny, you are back on the map. It might not be hell, but it's pretty close.

maria said...

Seriously...have looked at that map several times and never noticed these extra things on there. And I wouldn't mind going to the annual this year either. Maybe if we put both our heads together???? I am also working on giving myself a nickname because EVERYONE else seems to have one and I stick out like a sore thumb.

Fancy Nancy said...

I hear New Girl AND Babyboy are going to the annual... just sayin'.