Friday, August 12, 2011

missoni for target

I really love it that all of the big designers are doing more affordable lines. Target has been doing this for years with some pretty big names - Rafe, Loeffler Randall, Isaac Mizrahi, Erin Featherson.  Those are just the ones I can remember because I have some piece of theirs. The next designer, Missoni, hits stores September 13th and will have over 400 pieces of clothes, home goods, and even a bicycle. However, because I will probably waste a paycheck at Macy's buying Karl paraphernalia on August 31st, I might be broke by then. Anyhow, take a look at the pictures. I think they are amazing. Truly Missoni...and with Margarita Missoni as the face of the target line, I can't imagine she would have anything less.
a little boho, but if you split it up - adorable

ooo - even the men get a little pretty. Fancy Nancy - this is your christmas present

I love this Mr. Roger's cardigan

the big print is great

a blankie for the couch...guess it will do until the orange Hermes blanket arrives

those shorts just murdered me.

every single one of those scarves is coming home with me


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