Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm so sick of rain.

I hope everyone is safe and sound during this hurricane. I thought the news said the storm was going to be "hitting" near DC around mid afternoon today, but it didn't seem as if it hit until tonight. All I know is it's been raining since I woke up at 9 and hasn't stopped.

Yeah, I'm back from NYC. In a moment of brilliance, I decided to cut my trip short and switch my train. Probably the smartest thing I've ever done. I guess I learned something from the road trip I decided to take during a blizzard when it took me 8 hours to go 100 miles.

My 21 hours in New York was pretty amazon tho. I met my friend steve on the train (he was already on board), and off we went. First order of business - to hightail it 3 blocks to Macys to see my pretend BFF, Rafa Nadal. Our train was late (shocker) and I made steve run the 3 blocks, but after tracking Rafa down in the smallest corner where no one would have ever thought to look, I found him. He looked great (Obvi), but cut his appearance by 30 minutes. WTF. I'd say there were 100 people-maybe.

Then we hailed a cab. Actually I should say I hailed a cab and steve just stood on the street. I guess being from a big city I was better at it, which is fine because I'm a take charge kind of girl. So about 10 blocks into our trip (no, we didn't get the cash cab dammit) we pull up to a light. I look to my left and about 4 inches away is Jo Wilifred Tsonga, the tennis player. I look at him and say "HI TSONGA" and waved...with the window down. He looked at me like was half crazy. Ohhhh Jo Wilifred. If only you knew.

We made it to Ash's and took off to Serephina for dinner. And guess who we see there. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I can spot an earpiece a mile away and knew someone important was on their way when we entered. In he walked with his girlfriend I think. No one seemed to care, so I didn't either. I just wanted a non political figure, since I see so many of them all day long.

So we headed home where I promptly fell asleep because wake up call was 5am for the Stevie nicks concert in the park. We were set with our VVIP brackets MD our backstage passes. We stand in line and realize that we were in the freak show line. No really - there were goth people all dressed up. At 6am in the morning. We made it over to the VIP line to find out that we were the ONLY VIPs for this event.

We got front row, center - and judging by the amount of people texting, emailing and calling - I was very visable on the tv. And I should have been, because the concert venue holds 7500 people but only 400 people showed up for Stevie. She made a couple of comments about how small the scene was, but with the impending hurricane and the fact that her fans are mostly older, I think it was fine. Hopefully this video will work.


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Fancy Nancy said...

Note to Rafa: Run!!! run far, far away because you are being stalked by Bunny, that crazy ginger. Restraining. Order. Now.