Monday, August 22, 2011

I was meant to be a lady that lunches

After a whirl wind 72 hours in Cincinnati, Lady Lala and I are back. We had a fantastic time and I can't thank Lala's amazing parents or my contact at Western & Southern enough. Our seats were amazing and the hospitality tent was clutch. Not only did they serve beer, water and soda, but also food which was great because I would have made myself sick eating Skyline all day long. Should we go down the list of players we saw? Nadal, Fish, Murray, Federer, Monfils, and Djokovic. All so great and so handsome in person. Especially Andy Murray, who we ran into at the airport security line.

Speaking of airports, can we please talk about air travel.  Someone explain to me why they don't load the plane back to front? I hate walking over people to get back to my seat.

One funny thing to mention about Rafa (or Rafi as he is now being called by me), he went out to a Japanese steak house one night while he was in Cincy and burned 2 of his fingers on a "hot plate".  The gave a quote that he didn't know why they didn't tell him it was so hot.  So then all weekend Lala and I were trying to replicate how he might have actually burned them so severely to have little mummies on his fingers.  I'm guessing that he got so distracted at the onion ring volcano that he placed his hand on the skillet...its the only thing I can figure out. 

US Open starts next weekend, so barring any major news about Rafi, this post will be it for awhile.  I need to let the obsession die down a little bit. BUT, if you happen to be in NYC tomorrow, he will be at FoodParc (29th St and 6th Ave) at 4pm to introduce a "Rafa Berry Smash". I'm guessing its an ice cream? Ahh... I love him even more.

UPDATE:  In case you were wondering, the Rafa Berry Smash must be a Barcardi drink. The event he will be at is Bacardi Limited’s Champions Drink Responsibly campaign.

photo: AP

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