Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I thought I was over medicated

Well...um...okay, that was interesting. 5.8 earthquake in DC. My friend who works across the street in the Capitol thought the building had been hit.  It was pretty strong. So much so that my building made an awful groan as it was shaking. I instantly had flashbacks to 9/11 and all the evacuations at the capitol where cops with machine guns would scream "incoming plane 2 minutes. run for your lives." Working there probably took 10 years off my life.

Most buildings were evacuated, but it seems that everyone is okay.  Government apparently shut down at 3. This is funny to me because it can snow 14 feet and we are still open, but one tiny earthquake and they shut the shit down. The epicenter was in Mineral, VA - right outside of my hometown of Richmond.  This is probably the first exciting thing that has ever happened in Mineral - true story.

Now everyone is worried about after shocks and the traffic (which is completely stopped on Constitution).  I'm just hoping the gym and the mall will still be open.

Hope everyone is okay!

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