Monday, August 29, 2011

so long, farewell.

Well this time next Monday I will be saying goodbye.  Goodbye to my vast Jack Roger collection...maybe I should have an intervention buying you because you really aren't that comfortable, but damn you look good on my feet. Goodbye to my amazing white jeans...I think I will miss you the most. Goodbye white Longchamp bag that I bought in Paris and pull out at 12:01am on Memorial Day.  Goodbye white Hermes wrap bracelet that I never seem to wear enough of (thank god you reverse to brown).  Goodbye to my white, Chanel looking, blinged out watch. Or I have to say goodbye to the white watch?  While I'm sure a lot of you are saying that the "rule" about wearing white after Labor Day is outdated and not followed, I am a lady from the South. Even during an Indian Summer, I believe that white pants are not to be worn. September 1 marks the beginning of fall and white jeans are not fall wardrobe attire.

So, let me hear your thoughts on the white watch. Yeas? Nays? Please don't let me walk around looking like a fool.  Well, more than I normally do.



Lady Lala said...

OK. I agree on the white purse and white jeans. But you can totes wear your white watch AND the white Hermes after Labor Day. The White Rule exists for a reason, but not to ban the color entirely. When you put on your Hermes in December think SNOW.

maria said...

I totally agree with Lady Lala. Just silly to ban white completely!

Fancy Nancy said...

Hate to admit it, but I'm with the girls. And, for the record, Hermes never goes out of fashion, not even seasonally.