Thursday, August 4, 2011

its beginning to look a lot like I'll be broke for christmas

Ooooh look kiddies! Karl made pretties!

Damn you Karl Lagerfeld and knowing exactly what I want before I know what I want.  Everything for his collection at, gag Macy's, is classic perfection. Black, tweed, sheer - these are not pieces that you will need to throw out after next season.  But you can throw them out if you want, because homeboy actually *did* make them affordable.  The highest priced item is $170. Mere chump change.  I definitely want the Karl tank top, all the tights, the black dress with white collar, the large sunnys, that killer scarf at $49 (take a lesson Hermes), and that high collared white shirt...because I want to be just like Karl.

Say - isn't that one of the Kardashian babies modeling? And that flowy pink dress looks like it came out of Katie Middleton's closet, doesn't it? 


Sorry the pictures look screwy - they are perfectly lined up on my screen.
Photos: Macys


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thank you Bunny (Kitten) darling for reporting; were it not for yoru rpeorts I woudl not have known about this Karl at Macy's thing. I want all especially the pale pink tailored dress ... but what IS with the print dress. It looks like Karl was possessed by Laura Ashley. Good God -- must go lie down to get over that visual assault.
Hugs and kisses
mother/aka/ TGD

New Girl said...

I think you're right about that being one of the Kardashians. It looks like Kendall (I hate to admit it, but I do watch all the horrible Kardashian reality shows). That family only exists to pimp themselves out!

I will need to go to Pentagon Sh**y and pick up some of these pieces.