Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a lying liar that lies.

I told you that I wasn't going to write about Rafa anymore until the start of the open, but I lied.  I went one day though, and I feel like I need a round of applause for that.

The first reason for this post is because once again I was wrong.  The Rafa Berry Smash is actually a non-alcoholic drink to promote responsible drinking.  Boring.  But Rafa doesn't really drink, according to his new book (seriously ya'll I need this book asap).  He also doesn't like cheese, tomatoes or driving fast. But anyone who knows me knows that I love some booze, cheese, and tomatoes. I also have the need...the need for speed. So obviously we aren't compatible, but that's okay because I really just want to be friends with him.

Speaking of friends and the second reason for this post, take a look at this cool, relaxed, handsome man that is Carlos Costa:
God, I love a good pair of driving loafers. He is so effortlessly handsome-chic. While he wasn't in Cincy (sigh), this picture confirms that he is in NYC.  Which is fantastic. And you want to know why its fantastic? Cause I leave for NYC tomorrow for the weekend! And why, you might ask, am I going to NYC? Cause mfing STEVIE NICKS is going to be on Good Morning America and my lovely friend Ash has hooked me up with VIP passes! AHHHHHHH! You know you are so jealous.  It's Stevie Nicks. She's like a white winged dove that sings a song and sounds like she's singing whooo baby whooo baby whooo. Then I plan to stalk find some Spanish tennis people. Good thing I know where they are staying.  I've also got the scoop on Federer's home away from home.  Hope you all have some bail money set aside for me.


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