Monday, August 15, 2011

the countdown has begun

3 days until Cincinnati. Have you been following the action at the Western and Southern Open?  Who ever is doing their twitter is pretty amazing.  In fact, I would like for them to stop for a minute and take a breath. They post constantly. It's exhausting.  Speaking of exhausting...the twitter is not all its cracked up to be and after this trip, I'm off. I didn't realize how much people update their twitter.  I also didn't realize people got in fights. I'm following Josh Malina (who was on the west wing among others) and he is creating fights with people.  Bizzarre.

Speaking of the @cincytennis tweets, they posted this video of Rafa heading to his first practice.  Holy shitballs. This is out of control. How does the poor guy not have a panic attack...because looking at this makes my skin crawl.  And I'm already sick of those large tennis balls.  How/Why do you walk around with that all day?

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