Wednesday, August 31, 2011

why hello officer

Anyone remember Daryl Hannah? Yeah, I didn't think so.  But she once was a famous actress and starred in some of my favorite movies...Splash, The Little Rascals, and my second favorite Mandy Moore movie, A Walk to Remember. My favorite: Chasing Liberty (and it's yours too - just admit it). 

So anyhow - Ms. Hannah was arrested outside the White House yesterday, protesting something. Blah, blah, one cares.  But what I DO care about is this picture:
Great day in the morning! How come I never encounter any cops like this? And who is he? He was nice enough to use the plastic handcuffs...which means he's probably kind.  We all know how the metal ones rub....don't pretend you don't. And those boots? So stylish.  He makes me want to go protest something real bad.



Anonymous said...

You know she was the real love of JFK Jr., right. Mama Jackie put an end to that one. What was it about those Kennedy boys and blonds!!!! In case some pedestrian missed it .... this is a rhetorical question .. The Grande Duchesse (a proud and deluded brunette) does not wish to know.
TGD/Mama #2

The Grande Duchesse aka Mandana said...

Was that a bit harsh?

maria said...

Daryl who??? I only have eyes for the officer.

Fancy Nancy said...

Holla! Time to go on a crime spree!