Thursday, August 25, 2011

late night tv

Late yesterday afternoon I heard a mention that Rafa was going to be on Letterman.  As soon as I got home I set the dvr, because this was something I obviously wanted to watch over and over.  As midnight approached, I decided who needs sleep? And onto the couch I plopped. Whoa...I had forgotten how unfunny I think Letterman is. And Paul Schaeffer is the pits. Sorry I'm not sorry. The first interview was Ashton Kutcher. Ugh...also speaking of unfunny. I started flipping channels and happened upon Leno....and guess who was on there. Novak Djokovic. Oh and the robot that is Katie Holmes.

Watching the dueling interviews, I have to say personality wise, Novak wins. He was so funny and so out going. He even did a little serbian dance. Precious. Watch him here.

Rafa was adorable and came off looking a little boyish. I, of course, was totally smitten. I saw this morning that he was concerned of his english, but I thought he did really well.  He also gave a shot out to my boy Carlos for being one of his idols. Watch my sweet little man here.


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