Sunday, June 5, 2011

hello darlings...

I hope you each have had a wonderful weekend. Mine was ...uh... well it would have been fine had I not cut half my finger off late Friday night.  Or decide to store my iphone in my bra during the Race for the Cure 5k Saturday morning. But after 8 hours sitting in rice, the phone seems to work!  And it looks as if my thumb has stopped bleeding!  So maybe things are looking up.

The men's championship for the French Open are happening right now.  After a heartbreak loss for Djokovic (mostly heartbreak to me), Federer much to my dismay made it to the finals to play my boy Rafa.

Did you know that:
*Rafa has only lost 18 matches on clay in his professional career, playing something like 1000 matches?
*That Federer/Nadal have only played each other 4 times in the last 6 years?

This should be a good match, which is why I am up at 9am on a Sunday.  So while I get in my exercise by yelling and jumping around at the telly, I will leave you with some of my pictures from Paris. was one year ago today that Fancy Nancy and I were strolling around Les Halles, eating at Le Table des Gourmets, and visiting with friends. Ahhh...memories.  I wish I was there right now sans Fancy Nancy and replaced with Nicholas, a waiter from Chez Jenny in Republique.  If anyone reading this is near there, please go and remind him of our brief, but remarkable love affair.

the view from Tour de Eiffel

the view out of Jacques' windshield going around the Arc...where 12 lanes merge all at once.  Fancy Nancy almost wet himself.
And for my tennis friends...this old video of Novak Djokovic doing impressions of players. DEAD ON.

Wishing Rafa luck and big kisses,
Mademoiselle Bunny

PS - has anyone checked out Google homepage today?? It's Richard Scarry's 92 birthday and they did a google doodle of Busy Town...with Lowly Worm! Its like Google is reading my blog...

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