Friday, June 24, 2011

lagerfeld thursday, part deux

As I mentioned previously this past week, the Grand Dame that is Poodle, spent the past week hanging out with his pals, Prince Charles and Cammie. I can only imagine how he ended up at Claridge's every night, eating $80 cheese plates, wearing a bearskin hat from one of the Buckingham Palace guards, batting his eyes coyly at a certain gentleman. You see, I can only imagine because my friend is all of a sudden is very mum.  And you know how much I love the gossip....and he knows how much it is killing me.  Well...anyways, he sent me this amazing picture when he got to London and was upset when I didn't post it yesterday for Lagerfeld Thursday.  But let's be honest, everyday is Lagerfeld Thursday in Miss Bunny's World of Useless Stuff.

yes virginia...they do exist
If you are a faithful reader, then you know one of my first posts was about these coke bottles. If one of them  didn't come back with you Poodle, there will be some hair pulling up in here.


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Mo said...

Looks like Karl thinks the "Coke" is a tree in the woods. Just sayin'.