Monday, June 20, 2011

...this just in...

The BBC will be broadcasting the finals of Wimbledon on their HD channel in 3D. 3 goddamn D.  Do you know what this means?  I would be like Rafa being so close that you could feel the sweat he wipes away from his brow on you.  It means when he does his backhand, you could almost feel the wind.  It also means that when he bends over to pick his butt, you will about 3 inches from your face.  And to that I say HALLELUJAH!  If this doesn't make the case for me moving to London, then I don't know what will.  Also something great about this 3D stuff...when the camera pans to the crowd, there will be a 3D Carlos Costa. GODDDDAMNNNN.

Today was the first day of Wimbledon, and than you to ESPN-the deux for providing 6 hours on my DVR for my viewing pleasure.  Rafa played Michael Russell, the American from Florida.  Russell has been around forever, and while he plays well, he doesn't play like the top 10.  He was super energetic; diving for balls all over the court.  He came out with a plan in the first match and almost took Rafa, but one stern look from Carlos and Uncle Tony and rrrrrrrrrafa was focused and back to win.

Speaking of London, my bestie pal Poodle is over there right now.  Having been to Royal Ascot and had dinner with the Royals, I can't wait to hear all of the deets. I hope he gets his tight little ass back here stat.


ps: please pray to the little lord baby jeese that Lady LaLa and I secure those tickets to attend the Western and Southern tennis tournament in August.  Its a glimmering beacon of light in a summer that is rather dingy and dark.

pps: someone please kick me for letting those AirFrance miles expire.  I seriously need a vacay somewhere.  Even a mini-vacay. Anyone interested? Pretty please?  With a cherry on top?

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i stopped reading at the very first reference to sport.