Thursday, June 9, 2011

another day, another dick

Can we just briefly discuss how awesome this photo is???  Someone called him "Yertle the Turtle" the other day and I practically DIED.  Like Anthony Weiner's dick just jumped out of his pants, beat me to death, jumped back in, had a picture taken of itself, and then watched me die.

George Takei, who is someone I don't know but I think he was on a show called Star Track, wrote this amazing twitter post which I had to share:
"If your name is "Weiner" and you hold public office, don't tempt fate with internet pics. #AreYouListeningBoehner?"

Ahhh...I do love a good congressional scandal...


Anonymous said...

YOu ARE perfection! I so look forward to your posts. Arianna watch out! There's a bunny belle in town!

Bunny said...

To those who have emailed me, yes...I know the show was called Star Trek. But in my life long quest to annoy my pal Ballou, I call it Track. And annoy it did.


Anonymous said...

i thought this was going to be about march madness. i stopped reading when i realized it's about congressman weiner.