Thursday, June 2, 2011

two days, two posts, one man

Yes kiddies, I was teasing you with that hide-and-seek picture of Karl yesterday. It was Wednesday. But today is Thursday and you know what that means! It's Lagerfeld Thursday! The question was brought up last night over drinks at CPs (side note: where I ran into a man that was a mix between the infamous Baby Boy and Josh Lyman from The West Wing (Bradley Whitford).  It was amazing!), "Bunny, why on earth do you love Kaiser Karl so much?"  The answer is...I don't know why.  To me, what's not to love? He's bat shit crazy but in a lovable way. There is something not quite right about him, but then who of us IS quite right?  He creates beauty.  He creates elegance.  He creates want. He's eccentric, he's a hoarder, he is brilliant. I have an addiction, its name is Karl and if loving him is wrong then I never want to be right.

So back to LT...Lagerfeld Thursday...

Last night my crazy as a fox silver fox, was asked by Elle about his biography and who might write it at The Gordon Parks Foundation event in NYC.  He said, "Whoever has time, because I couldn’t care less. Today nobody’s really found the real story…I don’t have too much consideration for the poor people who try to write that book. It’s interesting that people in fact are lazy. If they worked hard they would find interesting things. Nobody finds it! So I’m in a position to say, ‘Fuck you, you’re all lazy pigs.’ And I certainly won’t help them!”

Man he is an asshole, but I like it.
Le Bunny

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