Wednesday, June 1, 2011

better late than never

I tried. Seriously kids, I tried.  I dutifully stopped by the gym (thanks Dutchess for the motivation), sweated out my leftover tan from this weekend (ya'll I looked GOOD) and rushed home to watch some tv.  Ok...I may have stopped by Chipotle for a delicious treat that completely negated my workout, but whatever.  Honey badger don't care.  I jumped on the couch, reached for the remote and pulled up the first show in the que....The Killing, ready for the redeeming episode that people have been whispering about in my ear all day.  And I have to say, not bad AMC.  I kind of see it now.  I see where this road is headed though I'm not quite sure where the hell you took us for the last 5 episodes...teachers, and terrorists, and beatings oh my! Let's pound out some bullets here:
*When Stan walked in the house with those bloody hands, he knew what he had done was wrong.  The moment got to him. For days people had been around him, egging him on with questions on why the possible killer was still teaching. But I thought it was kind that he called 911 ( would have been kinder if you hadn't bashed his head into a rock).
*Belko. Oh Belko.  That scene broke my heart. Born to a woman obviously a lot later in life as she said she thought she was ending menopause when out he came.  Her special boy (yuck). Stan probably saw this kid and took him under his wing.  I get his affection for the family and for the home - neither of which he really had...especially when mom was shacking with every man in Seattle.
*Boy cop was sure of himself this episode.  He knew what he was looking for and was making nice with girl cop, who still doesn't have her miserable life together. And on that subject,
*Your friend, Boat Lady (Reg I think?), tells you that your son is acting out.  He did A, B, and C.  He is screaming for help.  Girl cop doesn't punish the kid.  Nope, she wakes him up and takes him to a classless joint on the side of the road.  Good parenting.  Oh...and then to come home and find your ex-but-not-really-your-ex boyfriend sitting outside your door, begging you to come back despite your many issues, you can't.  You have to follow this case thru.  I did find it interesting that he said something about sitting in front of white walls every day.  Has she been in a psych ward?
*After 10 days they finally figure out where Rosie went.  Atlantic City.  Well, ok...not really...but close.  Some off shore Indian gambling casino. Random. 
*After 10 days they find a picture of Rosie with the Mayoral candidate with the mostest - Skeezeball Richmond. Just like Bill and Monica sans the beret.
*Did anyone think it was weird that girl cop went to Richmond's house?  She could have called.  I don't know...maybe she felt it needed a face to face.  But her and that scotch...reminded me of my friend Ballou and his sip and its gone.

I'm interested to see where this is headed for the first time in awhile. I have the sister in my head as the killer. There is just something off with her. And if they don't give me more on the situation with her and Jasper's dad, I'm going to be angry.  There has to be something there.

Game of Thrones
This too, was a good episode.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....I hate Mayor Carcetti or whatever his name is on this show.  I think he only knows how to play backstabbing boy bitches. I'm not quite sure I was fully awake for the whole episode - so let me know if I missed something I need to know:
*Ned finally figured out that the eyeliner boy, Prince Joffery, is a product of incest and not King Robert's true heir.
*A pig killed the king.  However, the king's hand is a Lanister?  I missed that.  And do they think he is the one who set the king up to die?
*I didn't really understand the Jamie/father talk.  Dad seems to want Tyrion back, but I didn't understand what he was saying to Jamie.  I was too distracted with him carving up the cow/horse/sheep/whatever it was.
*I also didn't follow anything that happened at the wall.  A horse came back belonging to John Snow's uncle?

After watching Jersey Housewives, I decided that I would not spend the time talking about it.  I just can't bring myself to do it.  Even when T says things like "comein" for cumin, or "ingredientsts" or "fabulicious". T made a ridiculous amount of money this year, so I guess she can pronounce it however she likes. Nothing really happened this episode.  The battle continues to rage on between the siblings...though I'm surprised that gorgonzola joe (as he will further be known because he is cheesy and moldy) can think of anything else other than sex. Ya'll its been 4 whole days since he banged it out.  FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  The horror!  As his children pimento, ravioli and linguine almost drown in the bathtub because he wants his wife to pay attention to him! Joe need sex.  Give me it now.  He's like a gelled up caveman.  Ugh.  Makes me want to take a bath in purell.

I need to go get the thought of gorgonzola joe out of my head...

It's your girl B

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maria said...

I think it was the sister too (The Killing). And it was painful watching NJ housewives. Not sure I can keep it up if they keep focusing on garbonzo Joe.