Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm still not over it.

I hate to tell ya'll this, but I have writers block. I'm having a hard time trying to write posts of substance and wit. Help a girl out and throw some ideas my way please.

Today is Thursday which means it's been 3 full days since The Killing was on tv, and I gotta say that I'm still angry. A co-worker stopped by my desk last night to say that she had heard things around the office (shiiiiiiiiit), that she read the blog (double shiiiiiiiiit) and that she heard I hated the Killing (okay...I'll give you that one).  She whole heartily disagreed with my assessment of the show.  She actually LIKED the whole season and will return for season 2, so congrats retained one viewer.  As she pointed out, this was supposed to be the un-cop, cop show.  We were supposed to dig deep into the story and into the characters to find out the real them.  Sounds a little too hippie for me.  We were given one question on day one: "who killed rosie larson?"  That's all anyone wanted to know.  Who killed this little bitch?  The writer, now taking heat like you wouldn't believe for her stupid story lines and her poor writing skills, reminds us that she never promised the answer to the question.  She never said she would wrap the story line up in a little bow.  But what you have to remember about The Killing is this is a remake of a very popular Danish tv show.  And guess what...the Danish answered the question.  Because they knew it would be rude to lure your audience in and then basically kick them in the throat, calling them stupid.

As I sat at a dinner last night, congressmen droning on in the background, I started to think through the show and wonder if said colleague might be right.  Maybe I wasn't supposed to get so involved.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to the struggle of losing a child, of losing a friend...the relationships that come with that.  But then I stopped hallucinating and started to become angry again.  Let's start with the night Rosie disappeared.
10:00pm - Rosie leaves the dance alone while her supposed bff is getting gang banged in the basement.
10:30pm - She arrives at Bennet Ahmad's house to return the Koran? Random.  He wasn't there however and was let in by Mohammed.  BUT wasn't Rosie covered in chemicals that are found in Bennet's house?  If she was just returning a book, how would those chemicals end up all over her and under her nails?
11:00pm - Rosie leaves Bennet's to head to ferry to the random indian casino.
11:45pm - Last ferry leaves allegedly with Rosie on board. She's seen in the ATM camera.
Now let me ask you a question....why would homegirl take the LAST ferry out with no way back to the main land?  She obviously was being picked up by someone or staying overnight. Maybe she met a gentleman caller? And she seriously couldn't find an ATM closer to her house to deposit money?  She was running all over Seattle with loads of cash?
4:00am - Richmond arrives home wet....cancels his escort service account.
The time line doesn't even make sense. Didn't the opening scene with Rosie show the sky with some light?  Like right before sunrise? Making it what...5-6am?  Richmond would have been drying off at that point. IDK.

Let's now start on the story lines that make me angry:
*The whole high school part.  We never see Jasper, Chris or Sterling after the first 2 episodes. While I don't mind not seeing the boys, I think its odd we never see Sterling.
*Sterling's alleged nose bleed.  No fucking way that little child bled that much out of her NOSE.
*The random custodian who threw himself out of a window because he saw some kids getting it on.  Weird.
*The campaign cars. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.  It's a goddamn MAYORAL race.
*Gwen and her ugly face.  Who cares if her father is a Senator?  There was no reason for that.
*The indian burial ground.
*The terrorist sub-plot and genitalia mutilation.
*Reggie - who we never really get a good back story on, who up and leaves with her boat.
*Why does Richmond, who is from upper middle class Connecticut, care so much about under privileged Seattle kids playing basketball?
*Richmond's dead wife.  Did she take off from that party because she knew of his indiscretions? 
*AHHHH - the one that drives me the most crazy: Aunt Terry, the whore, and Jasper's hot father.

I'm just so over it....I really need to rid this show from my brain.

So bless my co-workers heart.  I admire your courage to stand up and go against the grain. However, you are wrong, the actors stink and the show is horrible. XOXO



maria said...

can't get over the fact that you've found 1 person who will watch that show for a 2nd season. but on to your request for topics...i have vacay on my about your favorite vacay ever. that would make me happy.

Lauren said...

Who on earth is the crazy who liked the ending!?? Also, you're forgetting one aspect of the timeline. After leaving Bennet's house, Rosie goes home to grab her hooker clothes while Belko is creeping around the house not killing her.

Lauren said...

Also, I'd be much more apt to watch next season if they had actually made me care about the characters and hadn't insulted my intelligence with their stupid plot twists about Islamophobia and FGM. The only character I actually liked was Boy Cop. And they decided to change his entire character arch 4 seconds before the episode ended. Ugh. I'm still not over it either.

Anonymous said...

I have an IDEA: It's Thursday... and I'm missing something.... something German (no not the Duke, who is 1/4 German, though 100% Teutonic in looks, thank God!) and though wacky, more inspired that Coco herself. That's right, wake up, get over silly TV, and think ridiculously unaffordable but magical Chanel... Karl Lagerfeld... where is that man?
/s/ La Grande Duchess