Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tennis time

OHMYGODYALL.  Have you been watching what happened at Wimbledon today?  Well, if not then you have missed out.  First thing first - Federer lost.  LOST.  To #16 Jo-Wifried Tsonga from France.  Tsonga has been a strong player consistently over the past year and played very well against Nadal in the French Open.  But this is a shocker, to say the least.  And I'm sure that this lost have people talking about retirement again for poor Federer.

The other crazy match was Novak Djokovic against Bernard Tomic from Australia.  Tomic came out of nowhere this year at the Australian Open.  He is 18 years old, looks like a mon-chi-chi (so cute, and soft, and cuddly), and plays like he's been doing this his whole life.  And he gave Djokovic a run for his money. I don't think he was in jeopardy of losing the match, but you never really know.

Playing on a bum foot, Rafa beat Marty Fish, the only American to make it this far in the tournament.  What is up with American players?!  All we have are Andy Roddick and poor Marty Fish. Rafa will go on to play...Andy fucking Murray.  I've said it before and I will say it again.  I just don't like Murray. He seems like a cry baby.  And I also don't like him because he beat Feliciano Lopez.  Has anyone seen this guy?  He's like a hot jesus.
I told you. So any predictions for the final match? I'm guessing it will be #1 and #2.  However, the winner?  In my heart I say it's Rafa...but who knows.  I'm just so happy that Federer lost.


photo credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

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