Monday, June 20, 2011

thirteen weeks of .... nothing. nothing at all.

Hello kiddies! Mama is back.  Again, I apologize for my absence last week.  I really do need a guest blogger to keep up appearances when I get busy. Everything went well...everyone survived and I didn't kill anyone, which is always a plus.

I missed a lot last week.  I missed recapping the NJ Housewives and Game of Thrones, I missed Lagerfeld Thursday, and I really didn't give a lot of energy to the Weiner as I should have. But in the spare time I did find a new show that I love...Million Dollar Decorator. I know there is a specific niche that watches this show, but seriously I think everyone could get into it.  If only for the money spent alone.

 But I'll get to that show later.  Let's discuss the awful, horrible, train wreck that was The Killing.  First, I want to apologize.  I want to apologize for all the people that I bullied into watching the show.  After the first hour, I couldn't imagine watching anything on Sunday night.  And I was a faithful viewer...with maybe strong opinions on how the show was headed.  Lady LaLa told me in the beginning that she was a little skeptical when she found out the writers were the same as Cold Case, a show which I couldn't stand due to the main character's hair alone.  I'd say it was around show 5 when the story line started to stray for the Killing.  Episodes 6-11 were bad if not painful.  I was the first one to say the show needed to "put up or shut up".  We needed something more.  And it seemed like maybe we were onto something at the end of the last show...with previews promising an explosive ending.

I'm not quite sure what to say about tonight's episode.  I was interested merely for the fact of ending the show.  I still don't understand Linden or what her relationship to Richmond is/was. I thought it was bizarre that she had gone to his house twice asking about suspects, but showing up at the campaign to yell in his face?  I felt like I missed an episode connecting their past lives.  She got too emotionally upset in the office scene I thought.  And her scene with Gwen it felt like jilted lovers standing on a pier, staring out into the vast ocean of black, sharing a common thread.  Oh Gwen.  The way they showed her so morose, lurking behind corners, devastated that her lover was cheating on her.  What exactly pushed her over the edge? The revelation that he liked whores, or the part where he lied to her face saying he hadn't been with them in months? Which ever one it was pushed her hard because she told the story of him coming home wet that fateful, 2 weeks later?  Why would Richmond have been wet?  He drove the car into the river and then swam out an open window? No way.  He would have tied Rosie up in the back, shut the trunk, put the car into neutral and pushed.  Linden was so desperate to believe that she didn't even see the first ridiculous lie. And I can't imagine Gwen not asking questions especially when they find a dead girl in the back of a campaign car, DEAD and drown, the same night as your creeptastic boyfriend was missing in action,

So much of the story line wasn't wrapped up, but I'm glad they visited the teacher in the hospital so we knew whether he was alive or dead.  Poor Chrissy Seaver still hadn't delivered that baby though she was due 4 episodes ago.  And wouldn't all this stress push her into labor?  I mean, what do I know.  I have no children.  Which is why I guess I stopped relating to Mitch and her sad doll routine.  Leaving those two adorable boys.  So amazingly selfish. Watch with Season 2, Aunt Terry moving into the home taking on the roll of mom and shacking with Stan.

So, what do we believe? Was it Aunt Terry,  Was it Gwen?  Was it Holder?  Was it cash money millionaire? Was it the current mayor? Holder told the lie about the pictures, but did he kill Rosie?  I would say that I was a bit confused, but as I had been watching the clock, I knew they were about to screw us.  And Bilko....poor, poor Bilko. It goes to show you that words hurt just as bad as violence, sometimes even more. If Mitch hadn't been a bitch maybe he wouldn't have been pushed over the edge. If Aunt Terry and apologized earlier and maybe showed him some of her whoreish ways, this could have been avoided.

Oh...and by the way. The Tony Soprano ending has been done AMC.  Give me something a little more original next the goddamn killer.

Question though:  The made a great deal about that damn butterfly necklace and Linden was leaving for a jet plane. Was someone wearing it and I missed it?

Recommendation for Season 2:  Eat shit and die, AMC.  I can't imagine you retained any viewers after tonight.



Lauren said...

I am so angry that I wasted 13 hours of my life watching something that is going to remain unresolved for an entire year! And I can't believe the show tried to tell me boy cop is bad. I won't believe it! Boy cop is nasty hot. At least GoT didn't disappoint. ;)

maria said...

I am DONE with this show. I don't care who killed Rosie. Like Lauren said...13 hours wasted. Could've watched GoT instead.