Thursday, June 23, 2011

I don't care if you are sick of my tennis posts...

Wimbledon is in its 4th day and my DVR is on overload. So I thought I would nerd rage a little and talk about my favorite players for men and women....yes, I have more than just Rafa and Djokovic.

Jelena Jankovic
I like her not only for her great playing ability, but also for rocking a super tight pony.  Fancy Nancy and I got to watch her last year in Paris at the Hotel deVille. We were there the same time as the French Open.  She seems kind of mean, which I like.

Kim Clijsters

The last name is pronounced, clysters.... but I like to call her, Kim cla-jisters. She was once engaged to Lleyton Hewitt and left tennis to have a baby.  Now she is #2 in the world. Not bad for being 28.

Francesca Schiavone

Schiavooooneeee lesbeeoneee.  She terrifies me. She has a wart in the middle of her chin.  She looks like Mrs. Gulch from the Wizard of Oz.  She grunts so loud on the court. Her arms are tiny but all muscle.  But whoa, can she play.
So, I was going to list my top 5 men and women, but I only have 3 women I like. You won't see on this list Andy Roddick, Venus and Serena Williams, and Andy Murray. Sorry to the Brits, but I can't stand Andy Murray.  It's a fairly recently dislike. It started at the Australian Open when he felt that the title was owed to him.  Blech. I hate the Williams sisters and I hate their stupid costumes. So there.

Jurgen Meltzer

I fell in love with Jurgen last spring in Paris.  Poor boy is now 30 years old and considered a dinosaur in the world of tennis. He's had a rough couple of years, but he's coming back, now ranked at #11. I wish he was just a touch better, but I guess once you hit 30, it's all down hill from there.

Gael Monfils

He is bananas. He is currently #1 in France, #8 in the world.  He is a smart player and never seems to tire. He is also very energetic and when he wins a point, you can absolutely tell.
David Ferrer

Like my boy Nadal, Ferrer is also from Spain.  Nothing really to report on him, but the picture is for Matt.  Enjoy.

At this point everyone knows I love Novak and Nadal, so I won't post anything about them.  But I want to add, that while it is sad, I am a 'fan' of Rafael Nadal's on facebook.  He doesn't have a twitter and his camp keeps his FB updated pretty well - posting video's, updated statuses, and pictures.  Take this one for example that ended up on my news feed tonight.  Don't think I didn't squeal a little.  GODDAMN Carlos Costa. I wish I was sitting in that empty seat....and now I want pasta for dinner.

Photo credit: Getty images, Rafael Nadal Facebook

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