Friday, June 24, 2011

there once was a little girl named C...

Ugh kiddies...your mama is feeling rather unwell this morning.  It might be that new disease that's going know the one...Idranktoomuchsangria disease. But I should be used to it now, you know me being a booze hound and all and the fact that this type of sickness occurs on this date every year.  And it's because we celebrate the birth of our little lord baby, Flezizzle.
no....that is not anthony weiner on the left.
The baby Flezzani was born on June 25th as part of a couple. Because everywhere the babe goes, other people are bound to follow.  Obviously, she was baby A. The babe likes wine, smokes, Andy, tennis, music and beer. She has crazy roommates, which make their house the best party place. She makes a delicious macaroni and cheese, which is lovingly called "Flezac and Cheese". She is the proud new owner of an Hermes H bangle (hateful). She is partly to blame for my drunken haze for about 2 full years. And so to honor her, I give you this.  The only instruction is to turn it LOUD and jam it out.


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