Wednesday, June 8, 2011

weiner wiener

My dearest kittens:

I'm sorry ya'll that I have been out of pocket today, but bare with me.  The next week and a half are killer for me at work...and add that with the move...and well my nerves are fraz-zled.

Have any of you seen the new Weiner wiener shot?  The one that is fully exposed? Because I am a lady I will not post it.  But I will tell you to head over to Gawker to gawk. And while you are at it stand up and give this guy a round of applause. Mostly for his junk, but because by week's end there is no way he will be a sitting member of congress.  There is just no way.  One of the ladies he was "talking" to is a porn star...and he told her to lie to reporters and use his PR team if she needed it. Honey, if you have a PR team then let them try to do their job. And even lying won't get you out of this I'm afraid.

Do I think he did something illegal? No. Do I think he did something immoral? Questionable, but again my morals are askew at best.  Do I think he did something severely stupid? Absolutely. How stupid do you have to be to take pictures of yourself at work with pictures of your wife in the background?  And should we even discuss why his shirt was off in the congressional office. Thinking about that makes me want to vom.  Hello men...Did you not learn anything from Tiger Woods, Rep. Chris Lee, Jesse James and countless other idiots?  Delete, delete, delete. Stop keeping the evidence around. In fact, just stop sending it.  I know that you think its a turn on, but its not.  The only person turning on is you.  Just watch some porn or something and stop filling up my inbox.

This is the word of Bunny, let us rejoice and be glad.

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