Sunday, June 12, 2011


Cash rules everything around me.

I've always joked about how I wished my parents were more over achievers.  This comment comes when I see someone with a new Mercedes or when I spend time at friend's beach houses.  Truly, it's always materialistic. I've been very blessed and have wanted for nothing....except for that Mercedes. But I digress....

Today I spent a lovely day in the country.  Back in horse country, Virginia, it was a very hot and sunny day.  I met the dutchess and her adorable and very tolerable hubby at the barn.  We then headed into Upperville to watch a horse jumping show.  It's called Upperville because everyone that lives there is on uppers. True story. The smell of money is in the air. No longer just old, rich, white guys...but young, rich, white guys as well.  And lord, the gays.  Also, a plethora of overly skinny, overly plastic, blond trophy wives.To my left was a very old Robert Duvall.  To my right, a beautiful orange ostrich Hermes birkin.  I have never felt so inadequate or poor in my life. Yes, I joke around about my Hermes obsession, and sometimes I say that I would give away my first born for the elusive ostrich birkin, but it is mostly joking. Mostly.  But seriously...look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't kill for this bag:'s real.

After the lady with the birkin left, the day was pretty much over. All of a sudden, the winds picked up, it dropped 25 degrees and a storm came through like you have never seen.  Trees down all over the place; stone fences which have been standing for years, destroyed.

But it should be noted that I sat outside in full on sun for 3 hours and no part of me is burned! Hallelujah.

Some more photos from the outing:
don't you just love Chaddy's little hat?  So fashionable.

That's Robert Duvall.  A hot, sweaty, and old Robert Duvall.

Nothing but miles and miles of this.

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Anonymous said...

Just got my overdue dose of my Bunny's column ("Blog" is so pedestrian). So funny I was just as complaining to you about my disgust over the overly plastic crowd. I couldn't believe it but as the Duke (yes he IS adorable and his sone gets his good looks from him)and I sat in the car waiting for the line of cars and storm to recede I exclaimed "Gees the 75 year old women look the same as the 20 somethings and darling it makes it difficult for those of us who are naturally pretty to compete with all this plastic sometimes!" (Not that it's any competition because money is incapable of buying charm and warmth as well as class.) I don't remember Europeans being this overly dressed in similar events. This crowd makes "my people" look casual and not in a good way! You were of course magnificant in white as well as blue jeans - just right for the country.