Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm here, I'm here!  No need to fret little pets. There was a lot to do today, including watch some poor guy be arrested outside of our building. You know how much I love to be in other people's business, so I instantly ran to the balcony and watched with binoculars in hand. Alledgedly, he was carrying a gun, but I didn't see any evidence of that.  Ahh...DC in the summertime.  Smells of urine and the tourist walk 5 across and can't drive worth a shit.

For once, the Senate is actually doing something good with their time.  I'm talking about S. 978, a bill that would criminalize lip syncing. As Fox News states (ugh, I know, right Fox Article), "The bill would criminalize individuals -- slapping them with up to five years in prison -- for “publicly performing” copyrighted material without the permission of its owners."  The picture they show with the story is that of Keenan Cahill, a 16 year old, creep-tastic kid who has dominated youtube with his lip-synching parodies.  Personally, my favorite is the David Guetta mashup...mostly for David (he is just so damn adorable). 

But the kid does scare the beejesus out of me.  Now Bunny, you say, the poor child has a disease.  Yes, I know...but honey badger don't give a shit. The way his face is all up in the screen is just visually over loading. But I have to hand it to the child...he is doing the damn thing. Check out his website and the celebrities he's had come to his room. However, it makes me laugh that he has a manager...because he makes videos in his room.  Does that mean that I need a manager for the uhhh "videos" I make in my room?  Ha...kidding.

Let's briefly check with Wills and Kate:
GODDDD DAMNNNNN. The hotness of these two seriously makes me green with envy. Kate looks killer in Jenny Packham, but I'm going out on a limb here and say please kate, please for the love of god, eat something.  Even if its just a cube of cheese. If she turned sideways, she'd disappear all together.

That's it for me ladies and gentlemen on this fine Friday afternoon.  Have a lovely weekend!

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ricvamatt said...

she looks amazing. don't eat a thing, kate. you're my idol.