Sunday, June 12, 2011


Are you kidding me with this AMC?  Seriously?  At any moment during Sunday night's The Killing, I was expecting Sarah Michelle Gellar to jump out with a fish hook. I know what you did.  I know what you did too....and it was waste my time.

Boys and girls, lets start it off here.  Aunt Terry is a whore. Literally.  Men purchase her for sex. And while that is illegal in most states, dear auntie didn't think to mention that to the police the 100 times they asked her about the damn shoes?  Or the fact that your only niece drown, but yet you were able to concoct the story about a john trying to drown another girl.  So Jasper's father purchased her services?  If so, of course he wouldn't talk to you in 1. a public place and 2. with his wife.  This whole story line reeks and watch next week she be the killer after they took you on a 10 minute who-done-it 8 episodes too late.  Just thinking about the terrorist sub-plot makes me angry.

Stan Larson.  Poor Stan Larson. His story line broke my heart. His wife Mitch has officially gone round the bend.  She pushed and pushed for him to do something about Rosie's murderer.  She knew his past, she knew he didn't like that side of himself, yet she pushed.  And eventually you break.  And that's what Mitch did to him...she broke him.  I was happy that he finally stuck up for himself.  I said it in an earlier post that I thought Terry had a crush or something going on with Stan. Everyone shot me down on that, but look at here...who is the one picking him up from jail and posting bail.  Not his wife. As soon as they told Stan he was able to leave, I knew Terry would be waiting in the car.

*Why did they introduce Linden's baby daddy 12 episodes in to a 13 episode run?  I don't want any new characters at this point.  Just wrap this shit up and go home. That way I can forget I ever watched this shit and return to bed at a normal hour on Sunday night.
*The pool party. So I'm assuming that cash money millionare guy has "partied" with Richmond before, because he knew his taste was teenage girls?  Ew. I guess what I'm confused about is not that they didn't run background, because when someone gives you that amount of money, why bother.  In fact, are they not regulated by McCain-Feingold? Maybe he mentioned that tonight when he said he gave to the committee?  Why, if you are running for mayor, borrow money from your friend who is into underage girls.  18 and over is fine, its the young ones that will get you every time (holler Weiner).  There is just something odd to me that they had no idea who was handing over money like that or why they would hand over that much.  $5 million for a damn mayoral race? Am I on glue?
*Why was the comment about drowning pulled down off the server for the hooker-girls?  It in no way mentioned Richmond. And the "french" hooker was scared why?  How come she didn't speak up immediately when Rosie died?

If these 13 episodes line up and point the finger to it did in episode one...without an actual cohesive story, I am going to be one mad Bunny.  How did he end up with the campaign car that had been stolen days before? His wife was killed by a drunk driver. Did the drunk push wifey into the water where the cause of death was drowning and not accident?  It's like all the pieces could be there if everyone brings their a game to the last episode. I know I will and maybe I'll bring a little bubbly and wish this awful, stupid show Bon Voyage from my tv and dvr.


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maria said...

Killer is girl cop. Either that or they'd better explain why she's so comfortable popping into the councilman's home all the time and why they insisted on us having to meet her baby daddy.