Monday, June 6, 2011


Lord have mercy y'all. Sometimes I wonder who these writers on these tv shows actually are.  Or if they even have a remote clue about what they are talking about. My typical Sunday night shows were a damn bust last night. B-U-S-T.  Game of Thrones was...well gory. I still don't think I'm 100% sure of what exactly is going on in any of the story lines.  All I know is I really dislike Prince Joffrey and Mayor Carcetti...actually other than Ned and his cute little daughter, I don't really like anyone on this show anymore.

Speaking of other things I dislike...let's talk very briefly about The Killing.  What. The. Hell. with this stupid show.  I have never wanted something to be over more in my life.  Another hour of my life wasted...and for what?  So she could feel what its like to have a child go missing?  Um, ok, sure, I guess.  I just thought it was completely unnecessary.  And while I liked how Holder and Linden got to know more of each other, I just didn't understand why it would be in this episode...2 from the finale. PS - did you like how I actually used their names instead of girl cop and boy cop? You should be proud of me.

I don't know if you know this or not, but when your thumb is horribly disfigured as mine is, it is hard to do basic things. Such as put on a bra or go to the bathroom.  But never fear, it has no effect on my typing.

My boy Rafa won the French Open yesterday and for a hot moment I was in freak-out-mode because I thought Federer might be closing in.  Did anyone else watch?  The crowd was about 95% behind Federer, which made me so angry, but one of the announcers was saying that recently the tide has turned against Nadal and people are cheering for his opponent.  To these people I say HISSSSS.  I don't how you couldn't possibly like him! He's just so damn adorable and one hell of a player.  And his calves...well they are huge and I like them.

And on this Monday I want to say thank you.  Thank you all for reading this piddly little blog that has now had over 1200 hits in the month I've had it up and running, many international (holler Germany and the UK!).  You all make me feel loved, though I wish you would comment more and help me out with entry selections. So again, thank you.

lots of hugs and kisses today, Bunny


Gail said...

110% agree on the Killing, where was this character development 5 episodes ago?! And appreciate the name usage darling, gimpy finger and all.

maria said...

The Killing: they could've accomplished same thing in 10 minutes. And they SERIOUSLY did NOT have to do this with only 3 episodes left. Just ridiculous. Love boy cop still.

Anonymous said...

Hear you on Thrones darling. I like the "imp" too. He's smart and reasonable - a thing missing in all ages and it seems particularly today in the early 21st C!
Good God!!!
I'm not really for an all-out war and wish they had finessed the whole Ned being a traitor thing. I believe they failed to achieve meaningful tension in story line. Question: Why am I more disgusted by the overgrown suckling than his tragically unattractive batty mother! Two words solve our TV malaise: TRUE BLOOD ... ok maybe three: ERIC! :)
your loving TGD who is really not suffering fools, gladly or otherwise, today!